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Saba Al Kher Junubin

The day is bound to belong and hard, and this show is tailor made as a meeting place for all Junubin to come together and join in the noble duty of building our beloved country. Our presenters have been carefully chosen to ensure they wake you Up with energy and positivity. The content is optimistic, energy is vibrant, and the music is uplifting. Our listeners love to call in on the show and encourage each other with messages of optim is mandgood will.


This mid - morning show is for every Junubin. Tailor made to talk about issues affecting the society and is the perfect spot for interviews and interactions engagements via calls texts, and voice notes. tha sa perfect mix of music that is current and local.


Our Drive Time Show on Baraka FM is curated to take you home . It is a feel good show that makes our listener feel part of aargr energetic and friendly collective. With studio call ins, from all corners of Juba and friendly interactions with our witty cast of presenters, Belet Tala is the perfect hangOut for our listener who wants to get home with a generous dose of laughter and that feel good factor you can only get from Baraka FM.

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